Hair Rejuvenation Serum with 6 Growth Factors

What is Factor G6?

Factor G6 is a powerful growth factor powder containing 6 different types of growth factors. When mixed with saline, it is applied directly onto the scalp after micro needing to improve the appearance of thin hair and hair loss. It drastically improves circulation to the scalp, increases nutrients to areas of need, and restores the appearance of hair colour.

The unique formula not only contains 19,000 ng/ml of large concentrated growth factors, but it also includes:

  • 21 kinds of amino acids;
  • Vitamin B complex which provides hair follicles with a boost of energy to help the growing process;
  • Glutathione – a detoxifying agent which cleanses the hair follicles of Co-enzymes;
  • Minerals like Zinc, AHK-Cu and Magnesium and others to improve the health of your hair; and
  • Anti-oxidants

All of these components make up an effective hair loss prevention strategy. For more information, please contact Avention Global or consult with your physician for more details.